11 November 2021


Remembrance Day – Thursday 11th November 2021


This year we marked this extremely important day with a service which was lead by the children. The whole school came together (including our emotional support dog Betty). The service was started with Entrance music – Nimrod: Elgar and then a warm welcome.

  1. Good morning everybody and welcome to our Remembrance Day collective worship.




  1. Remembrance Day is a special day that takes place on 11th November every year to remember the millions of people who have died at war.



  1. Remembrance Day was first held in 1919, one year after the First World War ended. It is sometimes known as Armistice Day.


  1. On Remembrance Day, people will lay wreaths of poppies on statues and monuments to remember all the soldiers who died for us.


  1. In the days leading up to Remembrance Day, you will see people on the TV and in the streets wearing a poppy. We wear poppies to show respect and support for the armed forces and those who lost their lives at war.


  1. The reason poppies are used to remember those who have given their lives in battle is because they are the flowers which grew on the battlefields after World War One ended. This is described in the famous poem, In Flanders Fields.



In Flanders fields

Some of the children who stood up to speak demonstrated a huge improvement in their confidence and wonderful growth in their spiritual development.


  1. Today many people around the country will lay poppy wreaths to pay respect and lay tribute. We will now lay our own poppy wreath in front of our focus table.



Laying of the wreath

The wreath which was laid was the result of all children in school, from nursery to year 6, creating and contributing poppies The solidarity reflected in the wreath was also reflected during the service, with everybody coming together beautifully, united.


  1. We will now hear another short poem that will be followed by the last post. When the last post has sounded we will hold our 2-minute silence.


For the fallen


The Last Post


2- minute silence

The 2 minutes of silence was reflective, emotional and peaceful. Every child, from Nursery to Year 6 kept the silence so respectfully. The moment felt full of promise, hope, gratitude and peace.





  1. Thank-you for joining our Remembrance Day collective worship. 

Upon returning to the classroom KS1 remained in a reflective mood with children wanting to share their thoughts and feelings about the service they had just participated in.

KS1 children’s comments:

It was silent.

I felt shy but it was good because it was different.

I felt happy because I could remember the people who died.

The people died protecting our country.

It felt good because it was different.

I felt happy because I really liked it.

I liked it, it was good.

In response to this time of reflection, the children were given an opportunity for spontaneous prayer and every child in the group was inspired to share a prayer. Each prayer was unique and thoughtful and received with the same attitude of respectful listening as had been demonstrated in the service.



Posted by Barbara Winrow