In September 2021 we introduced Betty to our school. Betty is a two-year-old Border Terrier who belongs to Mrs Bell and loves the company of children and adults.

This decision was made following extensive research, discussion with other schools that have a dog and approval of the Governing Body.

Betty will be based in The Nurture and Learning Hub and the children will only be able to interact with her under strict supervision. A full risk assessment is available and parents are requested to complete the consent form.

School Dog

Look at Betty in her Christmas outfit.

Here is a poem which Oak class have written about Betty

Betty our School Dog

My name’s Betty

But I’m certainly not a Yeti

I go to school

It’s incredibly cool


Sienna gives me treats

But hey, I wish it was sweets

Aiden gives me a hug

I think, he thinks I’m a rug


I got star of the week

But I’m no geek

I like to have a walk

And I’m always up for a talk


I’m small, I’m brown

I wish I had a crown

I’m friendly and kind

I hope you won’t mind


I’m a Border Terrier

I really couldn’t be merrier

I love the kids in school

They don’t treat me like a fool


I wag my tail

without any fail

I like to get wet

And then you can call me Bet


I’m not rude

But take care of your food

I might like to scrounge

And I also enjoy a lounge


I’d like to rule

But I never drool

If I’m able

I’ll have a walk on the table



Don’t dare think I’m sweaty

Because I’m called Betty

I’ve got a new Christmas coat

But you won’t see me gloat!


Written by Oak Class.