School staff are not legally or contractually required to give medicines to children, and we do discourage medicines in school. Whenever possible, please arrange for your child to receive their medicine outside school hours. We recognise that there may be times when a prescribed medicine has to be administered in school, and the headteacher should be notified, in writing, on the appropriate form. 

To try and improve our attendance, we have agreed, for a period of 12 months,(November 23 - November 24), to administer non-prescribed medications like Calpol, Ibuprofen and Paracetamol to children in school upon parents’ completion of the appropriate form.

All medication must be handed into the school office.

Asthmatic Inhalers

After completing the appropriate form, an inhaler and spacer device should be kept in school for all children with asthma. Asthma inhalers must be in the original box labelled with instructions of the dosage and timings. These are kept (clearly labelled with the child's name) in the First Aid Cupboard and can be obtained immediately and at any time should an emergency arise.

Medication Policy